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MyCalendarAlerts Description

The MyCalendarAlerts® app is not itself a calendar, but monitors your calendars and can do things such as sending text and email alerts based on your existing calendar events.

MyCalendarAlerts is integrated with Zapier® to allow your calendar events trigger actions on hundreds of other apps integrated on this platform.

Have some other business requirements for calendar-triggered events not included in Zapier? Just contact us and let us know about your needs!


AirBnB VRBO Google Outlook Yahoo Apple/iCal Meetup Cozi


  • Calendar Monitoring
  • SMS-Texts
  • Subscriber Contacts
  • Simple Alerting Policies
  • Zapier Integration
  • REST-Hook / Webhooks available

Use Cases

  • Better Mgmt of short-term rental turnovers like AirBnB
  • Keep track of Appointments
  • Family & Friends Birthday & Anniversary & Group Events
  • Triggering business automations

Subscription Pricing

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Available subscriptions:

Feature Trial (Free) Basic Account Basic+ Account Prem/Bus Account
Monthly Fee FREE!
Max Contacts
Max Contacts 2 10 25 50
Max Alerts/Mo
Max Alerts/Mo 10 100 200 500
Max Calendars 1 2 5 10
Direct Texting (Twilio)
Direct Texting (Twilio) None None None 200
Customer Support
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