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MyCalendarAlerts Description

 The My Calendar Alerts® app is not itself a calendar, but extends the functionalty of all your existing calendars. My Calendar Alerts lets you create extremely simple yet powerful rules to trigger actions for all your calendar events. The tiggered actions can be as simple as email and text alerts to your group of friends, family or colleagues, or it can trigger a sophisticated automation on a remote computer system.

MyCalendarAlerts is integrating with Zapier® to allow your calendar events trigger actions on hundreds of other apps integrated on this platform.

Have some other business requirements for calendar-triggered events not included in Zapier? We can enable calls to RestAPI/Webhooks and XML-RPC calls. Just contact us and let us know about your needs!


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  • Calendar Monitoring
  • SMS-Texts
  • Subscriber Contacts
  • Simple Alerting Policies
  • Zapier Integration
  • REST-Hook / Webhooks available

Use Cases

  • Better Mgmt of short-term rental turnovers like AirBnB
  • Keep track of Appointments
  • Family & Friends Birthday & Anniversary & Group Events
  • Triggering business automations

Subscription Pricing

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Available subscriptions:

Feature Trial (Free) Basic Account Basic+ Account Prem/Bus Account
Monthly Fee FREE!
Max Contacts
Max Contacts 2 10 25 50
Max Alerts/Mo
Max Alerts/Mo 10 100 200 500
Max Group Messages/Mo 10 20 50 100
Max Calendars 1 2 5 10
Direct Texting (Twilio)
Direct Texting (Twilio) None None None 200
Customer Support
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